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Welcome to the 16th Arkansas website!


We are a group of dedicated men, located in the Oklahoma City Metro Area, who strive to maintain an authentic impersonation of the men who fought and died in the conflict know as the Civil War. Reenacting is not only educational and stimulating, it is also a great deal of fun! Reenacting brings together people who become life long friends, who share an interest in this hobby. We of the 16th are always looking for dedicated individuals who would like to share the camaraderie and excitement of revelry in the cool crisp morning, stepping back in time to the 1860's falling in by twos, the manual of arms, marching off to the battlefield, the smell of burning powder and the aftermath of battle. If you are someone who is searching for one of the most interesting hobbies and activities that the world has to offer, then e-mail us for more information on how you can get signed up! You will not regret becoming involved in one of the most addictive hobbies out there.